Terms and Conditions

The hirer has the responsibility to ensure all occupants are aware and knowledgeable of the terms and conditions.


a)      A £100 deposit should be returned with this signed agreement for the booking to be confirmed. The remaining balance should be received 14 days before the journey/travel date or, if paying in cash, during the time of first pick-up. The full amount is payable in case you are booking within the 14 day period.

Please note:

– for special events like New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, etc. a deposit of 50% is required, with the remaining balance to be paid 14 days prior to the date of booking.

– Because of circumstances beyond our control, the journey duration time may be affected.

b)      On events and travels where the vehicle has been booked to stay for the entire duration, a time charge will take place during the first pick up point and would stop at the last drop-off point. where a return service, pick up and drop off service has been booked, it will be expected that there is one pick up and one drop-off point at each end of the travel.

c)       Request for any changes to the bookings such as added puck-up point or drop-off point, which are not made during the booking time will require an extra charge of £65 hourly or part thereof and should be paid in cash to the licensed chauffeur of Top Limo Hire at the time such request is made. A charge of £25 per drop is required for excess drops within a local area.

d)      Credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 5%.



a)      If any booking will be cancelled within 12 hours of the requested pick-up time, the company reserves the right to charge 50% of the travel/journey cost.

b)      If any booking is cancelled with 6 hours of the requested pick-up time, the company reserves the right to charge the full cost of the travel/journey.

c)       If the hirer/passenger does not appear at the booked time and the agreed pick-up point, the company reserves the right to require full payment, still, for the entire travel/journey.



Top Limo Hire must do their best to ensure all their vehicles are at the best condition. We try our best to provide the hired vehicle at the right time and right place in accordance to the information provided by the hirer. The company does not accept any responsibility for events beyond our control such as unwanted weather, traffic jams, mechanical problems, fire, illness, motor accidents, roadside stops and/or inspections by authorities, or any significant loss arising there from. Top Limo hire reserves the right to provide the hirer with the same car/vehicle equaling similar sitting capacity in case the pre-booked vehicle is unable to work.




Any damage found on the vehicle caused by the occupants (by incitement to third parties) wile on hire is the hirer’s responsibility. The hirer will have to agree to pay the limo hire company a fixed daily rate – determined by the company – while the particular vehicle is under repair. Breakage or loss of glass will be charged £10.00 per glass.


Lost & found property

The company ensures that all belongings of the hirer and his companions while inside the rented vehicle are safe. Moreover, while the hirer and occupants are highly advised to take good care of their belongings while utilizing the hired vehicle for safety measures and precautions, any loss or damage of their property should not be linked in any way to the company, the services provided and the workers/staffs involved in giving out such service.


Food and drinks

Hirer and occupants are not allowed to bring any kind of food and/or drinks inside the vehicle, unless expressed through written permission granted by Top Limo Hire. Is excessive cleanliness is needed because of the vehicle being left in an unreasonable state by the hirer(s), he/she will be charged £85.00 for the cleaning fee.



Smoking is not allowed within any of our vehicles. Failure to follow such regulation will result to the immediate termination of the hire agreement. You may arrange 5-minute smoke break with the chauffeur during long travels.