What are the different types of Limousine Hire services?

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Limousines are one of the most luxurious forms of transport for weddings, airport transfers, banquets and will vary a lot in terms of amenities, size and style. Most limos adopt the shape of traditional cars e.g. Lincoln town cars. You should check below to find out about the different Limousine Hire London services.

Regular and stretched limos

The regular limos are best suited for more intensive trips while the stretched ones are more elegant and extravagant for those unique occasions.

A regular limousine like the luxury Sedan or the Saloon car is famous for business journeys to unfamiliar towns, airport runs or special events. A stretched limo however, is more suited for larger events of 8 to around 10 people. This type of limousine is the very first choice for events like sports games, weddings, club, proms, concerts or other wonderful events. A stretch limousine might be a Lincoln, Cadillac or even a Mercedes, but also vehicles like Escalades and Hummers can also be made into limos.

Different types of limos

Chrysler 300 limousine

Chryslers, in general, are regarded as the most fashionable and luxurious vehicles. The Chrysler 300 limo is exemplary. Be it space, luxury or style, Chrysler 300 limo has it. Moreover, unlike all the other limos that seem to lose their class and style when stretched, the Chrysler 300 limo manages to maintain its wonderful looks, grace and style. Also it offers a lot of passenger room thanks to its additional 10 cubic feet of interior space & its 46 inches passenger leg space.

Convertible limousine

If you intend to enjoy a beautiful summer night or the outdoor weather, then why not go for a convertible limo. This kind of limousine not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy and experience an awesome drive, but it also allows you to make an eye-catching and impressive entry. Similar to the other sorts of limos, a convertible limousine offers power, comfort and class. It makes you feel free and in control of your destiny. But, not all Limousines Hire London firms provide this kind of limousine which makes it more exclusive.

Limousines and memories go toe to toe therefore, if you are trying to find a car to celebrate that precious occasion, a limousine is the car to go for. Get a limo and ride in style on 020 3475 2693.

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